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Squad Europe Stats Page - daeks - 03.02.2020

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Squad Europe proudly presents the first iteration of our Squad Stats Page (https://stats.joinsquad.eu/). After seven months of development and over 35.000 lines of code, we are able to provide our players with detailed statistics of their experience on our servers.

You wanna know who is relying on your band-aid-skills the most? Identify the one marksman who always dislocates the helmet from your head? Have direct influence on the next map? We can give you what you want, both on mobile and in your browser. Dark mode included, duh. For a brief overview of the features go check out the feature list at the bottom of this wall of text.

We are aware that the Squad experience derives from the lack of a kill-feed, the absence of persistent player stats and awards. Therefore, our lead dev [FC.] daeks invested hundreds of hours to develop a fantastic viable product that can be used to expand the overall gaming experience of Squad, while still being adjustable to our needs. We are currently running a test phase to see how the stats page will impact overall player behavior. Based on the feedback we are receiving we will adjust some screws.

If you want to provide feedback or have questions about the Squad Stats Page, feel free to visit us on our Discord:


And now, without further ado, let's check out the feature overview:

--- Feature Overview ---

--- Server stats ---

- Server list with direct connect links.
- Session details: Scoreboard (with adjustable delay to prevent players from ghosting), including capture time stamps, overall progress, activity feed (including kills and revives) and detailed information on the current layer.
- Whitelist overview: List of all whitelisted players and their total playtime (players who actively played 40 hours within the last 30 days automatically get whitelisted).
- Role overview: Total time played by all players and highscore table of the most active players.
- Weapon overview: Total amount of kills per weapon and highscore table of the most effective players.
- Map layer overviews, including a voting system that allows players to rate each layer. The more popular a layer is, the more likely it is to get chosen by the map voting script. Additionally, map layers can be voted ingame with !like and !dislike. Furthermore, layers can get nominated by ingame commands to be considered in the next map vote.
- Awards (WIP).
- Rules.
- Steam Login for personalized info.
- Opt-out option for preventing the server from gathering infomation.

--- Profile stats ---

- Stats overview: current spawn stats, match stats, total stats (including kills, deaths, revives and revived players).
- Whitelist progress per server.
- Playtime overview (daily, weekly, monthly).
- Nemesis details: Top 2 victims, patients, medics and aggressors with links to their profiles.
- Activity overview: (with adjustable delay to prevent players from ghosting), including kills, deaths, revives.
- Weapon overview: Amount of kills per weapon.
- Role overview: Amount of time spent alive with each class.
- Awards.

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